Beall’s list is back

Jeffrey Beall worked on his famous list of potential, possible and probable ‘predatory’ publishers until his retirement. He introduced the term ‘predatory’ for those unethical racketeer publishers who pretend to be scholarly but in fact, like all scammers, have zero interest in scholarship and 100% interest in separating you from your money. Notice that he never said that any of the publishers on his list were predatory – the most he said on that score is that it was probable, in a number of cases. This was wise, because although some were plainly and obviously counterfeit, there was no clearly defined line between the fraudulent and the merely incompetent or amateur, a fact that has led to more than a decade of fruitless dispute about fine detail and virtually nothing done about the problem.

Since then, Beall’s list has been archived in a number of places but to my knowledge has never been actively taken up, continued, improved and expanded. That is the purpose of this website. It is not a lifeless copy of Beall’s list – which in any case is already way out of date. It is a current, growing, dedicated exercise, a Beall Mark II. Moreover, it is not just a list of predatory publishers but three lists: one of publishers, another of academics who have allied themselves to these racketeers for reasons they are welcome to explain (see below), and a third of marketers of duplicitous academic conferences, an industry that is arguably more widespread and damaging than the fraudulent pseudo-scholarly publishing industry.

Publishers, academics and conference organisers who think they should not be included and want to get their names removed should add a comment below stating that they have corrected or will correct whatever fatal violations appear in their case, or that the violations associated with their names have been assigned to them by mistake. If any apology is due, I will give it. If any corrections are warranted, I will make them. Updates, in any case, will be ongoing.


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