I assume that anyone reading this knows what Beall’s list is, and also knows (and cares) about predatory publishers.

This site has one overriding purpose: to continue Beall’s project from where he left off in 2017. His original work is now way, way out of date, so much so that while it remains an important historical document it has lost most of its practical utility. It also suffers from a number of defects major and minor that are now corrected. All the necessary details appear with the lists and will not be repeated here, other than full accounts of the 8 governing criteria which occupy the home page.

The lists you will find here are not the ‘new Beall’s list.’ By definition, only Beall himself could provide one of those. However, those with a need to consult Beall’s list are advised to go here instead.

Needless to say, any publisher (or anyone else) with any sort of question or complaint should send a comment to that effect and it will be dealt with immediately.