Outdone only by WASET (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology) in the fraudulent conference industry, OMICS is the largest and most damaging of the pseudo-scholarly publishers and pseudo-scholarly conference promoters. OMICS is the only outlaw operator that has been convicted of fraudulence in court. But still it pays its trade blatantly in our universities and research agencies, because it is based in Hyderabad and the Indian authorities have no appetite for investigating it, let alone convicting it of anything. On the contrary, OMICS is admired there because it brings in lots of hard cash and creates jobs. I have a vast amount of data on OMICS which confirms that its fraudulence goes from the astounding to the outright criminal. Over time, hopefully, I shall load some of those data here in some sort of meaningful arrangement. In the meantime, the documents below are here because they are references in an article I published in December 2021 entitled Membership of the editorial boards of journals published by the predatory publisher OMICS: willing and unwilling participation, Information Research 26(4): paper 9112.