Outlaw Academics

A list of potential, possible or probable predatory open access academics, which will be regularly updated. Jeffrey Beall was the first to create lists of this sort and to him we are indebted. His work is continued here and any good that comes out of it is to his credit.

Listed here are academics who serve (knowingly or otherwise) as editors for unscrupulous ‘predatory’ publishers, or who publish in their journals, or who promote their conferences by acting as speakers or committee members. Note the caveat: knowingly or otherwise. Using names and affiliations without consulting the person concerned is standard practice in the illicit open access scholarly publishing industry. However, people whose names have been used in this way are not blameless unless they are kicking up a fuss about it. They should list on their institutional bios only the publishers/journals they agree to serve with, and state that fact explicitly. They should also be complaining to the firms concerned and keeping copies of their demands to be removed. And they should be pressuring their Officers of Research Integrity and DVCs (Research) to develop serious policies – not cautionary memos.

The alphabetical list, arranged in name order, is repeated in order of the number of alliances.